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Andrew Hollas

Andrew Hollas, is a leading Criminal Defence Solicitor Based in Leeds, UK, he has extensive experience of criminal representation. Andy qualified as a criminal lawyer in 2000 having spent 18 years as a British Telecom engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Politics, and an MA from Leeds University in Politics.

Former Chairman of Leeds North East Labour Party and activist in the labour movement before entering the legal profession. Embarking on the conversion course to a Law Degree in 1995 before becoming a solicitor in 2000.

Andy Hollas BA (Hons), MA

Andy practises in all areas of criminal law; representing clients initially at the police station and the magistrates courts for minor offences of all types to very serious allegations which are finally dealt with in the Crown Court. Andy particularly specialises in road traffic offences with a successful track record at trial.


He is a powerful and persuasive advocate with an admirable success rate.

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