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We work with a range of clients and have an excellent track record of representing them and getting the result they need, just read some of our testimonials below.


“I felt I had nowhere to turn, Andy Hollas helped me. He made sure I was well represented and got the result I needed. He had the utmost discretion.

S.P., Dewsbury

“After an unfortunate sexual incident landed me in court I contacted Andy Hollas. He was very supportive and I didn't feel judged at any point.

T.B., Sheffield


“I was charged with failing to provide a specimen for analysis after allegedly drink driving. I was required to give a blood sample and was charged because I have a fear of needles. Andy successfully ensured that I was acquitted at court."

K.R., Leeds


"I was arrested following a disturbance at a football ground. I contacted Andy Hollas as I was aware he is an avid football fan himself. He dealt with my case to a successful conclusion in the courts."

J.M., Leeds


"Following leaving the army I went through a difficult period and found myself in trouble. I went to Andy for representation because of his family background being a military one, so I knew he would be sympathetic to my circumstances.

B.G., Wakefield

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